Preorder Process

If you want to ask us to search goods for you, please participate our preorder process by following the following steps:

1. Customer Registration

Please send all the information required in the Customer Registration webpage, with subject of Bidder Registration to wholesale@gyhk.comfor customer registration. (Registered customers can skip this step and move to step 2).

2. Contacted by Your Assigned Sales Representative

After the registration, your assigned sales representative will contact you by Email, instant communication or phone during our office hours to: (1) Notify you of your customer number (2) Follow up your enquiries about sales (3) Assist you throughout the whole preorder and deal process.

3. Fill in Preorder Form

After communicating with your assigned sales representative, you are required to fill in preorder form and submit it to your assigned sales representative. We will give you a preliminary reply on search result within three working days.

4. Price Negotiation

If we find the products you enquire, your assigned sales representative will notify you ASAP and negotiate price with you. If the deal is confirmed, you are required to place an order officially.

5. Deposit Payment

Our payment term is cash and T/T in USD and HKD only. Receipt must be provided before the next business day once deal is confirmed. Upon our approval, you are required to pay a deposit of 10% or more. If you do not pay the deposit, the deal will be cancelled. Our company will take appropriate punitive measures against any customer found to be seriously dishonest during dealing with us depending on the severity of the behaviors, including unreasonable preorder cancellation. The most severe punishment is permanently terminating his/her right to participate our preorder process.

6. Balance Payment and Delivery

Your assigned sales representative will notify you three days prior to the exact time of product arrival and inspection. If the products fulfill your preorder requirements, you are then required to pay the balance within one day after quality inspection. Upon receipt of the payment, we will offer services like QC Check, packaging and delivery according to your requirements. Shipping costs will be paid by buyers or added to your order. If you cannot pay the balance before deadline, the deal will be cancelled and the deposit shall be forfeited.

7. After-sales Feedback

If you have any queries on our stocks after you pick up or receive them, please contact your assigned sales representative immediately. He/she will properly handle it in accordance with the terms of the contract of the deal. If you have any comments on the service of your assigned sales representative or our company, please call (852) 2377 9612 or email to